Gebo: Ceramic Visions & Imola

Gebo is an operating company specialising in the import of wall and floor tiles from Italy and Spain and in their sale to specialist tile and bathroom outlets in the Netherlands. In 1985, four sales representatives purchased the company from its previous owner through a management buyout. What was once an almost insolvent company has since been turned around to become a solid business with an excellent reputation based on service, quality and reliability.

Gebo and the Eurovitegroup

In 1999, Gebo became part of the Eurovitegroup, creating one of the largest players on the tile market. In the years that followed, Gebo’s revenues steadily increased. The growth in sales and the solid financial foundation that this created have allowed Gebo to continually be one step ahead of its competitors and to remain a trendsetter on the market in many ways (examples include its showroom presentation, marketing, logistics, service and stocks). Eurovite and Gebo are the main trading companies within the Eurovitegroup, with both operating as wholesalers, importers and agents.

Ceramic Visions and Imola formulas

The Ceramic Visions and Imola business concepts fall under the Gebo company. The Ceramic Visions concept is sold by specially selected dealers located throughout the whole of the Netherlands. The dealers give advice, deliver quality and provide service for all aspects of tiles and tiling. Each dealer benefits from regional exclusivity.

Ceramic Visions carries a line of leading, high-quality Italian and Spanish brands.

The Italian Casalgrande Padana is the most prominent manufacturer in the Ceramic Visions range and is a strong, independent industrial business. It specialises in the production of full-body porcelain floor tiles, varying in size from 15x15 cm up to 90x90 cm, and even 90x180 cm. Casalgrande Padana not only produces tiles for domestic use but also specialises in tiles for projects, commercial and industrial buildings, and public spaces (heavy-duty tiles). Padana also offers 20 mm solutions for outdoor applications.

The Italian Imola Group carries the second Gebo business concept, also named Imola! Cooperativa d’Imola is a brand manufacturing a wide range of wall and floor tiles, inspired by the latest trends in the world of architecture and interior design. The company was founded in 1874. As it offers a variety of styles, Imola Ceramica can provide the right solution for any taste and requirement (classic, modern, romantic, traditional, etc.). Its very comprehensive range also makes it the perfect choice for both larger projects and solutions for private individuals. The wide range includes both glazed and unglazed wall and floor tiles in sizes varying from 12x18 cm up to 120x120 cm, and even 120x260 cm!


Due to the exclusive collaboration between suppliers, Gebo and dealers, Gebo also acts as an agent for sales of its suppliers’ products through its dealers. The one-to-one relationships that result from this lead to the optimum balance between the wishes and needs of dealers / buyers’ cooperatives, Gebo’s internal capacity for product design and development, and the flexible manufacturing capacities of our first-class suppliers. This is a combination that guarantees sales success.

Gebo’s main brands are: